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MEGA TECH Mega tech Co.,Ltd.
Megatech began as a distributor of just a select number of press makers within Japan and to this day we continue to stand by our strong sense of customer service. We are dedicated to a constant spirit of creativity and planning and creation of varied services which will contribute to the positive growth to the company without being distracted by what is considered to be the status quo. It is this dedication which has led us to where we are now as a well respected press machinery distributor and maker with a very unique standing in our business community. It is by continuing to challenge ourselves in every way that we will continue to expand in a sustainable fashion as we continue to expand in the international arena.
As we move forward in this path, we cannot ignore the rapidly growing role and importance of high technology, nanotechnology, energy policy, engineering, and design evolution that will shape the next generation of manufacturing.
The type of person that we are looking for at Megatech is someone who is sensitive to these changes in the market landscape and can bring the correct attitude to continue to find new solutions for customer satisfaction and contribute to positive change within the company during this most unique stage in our growth.
As in our mission policy, our hiring practices are not rigid, but flexible and we are always looking for talented individuals who can strengthen the Megatech team. Newly, graduated, already graduated, business owners, anyone is welcome should they have the right tools.
You can see the positions available below, so should you be interested in gainful employment with Megatech, simply get in touch with us and a representative will get in touch with you and provide further details.
Hiring positions
Application qualifications
New graduates: Graduation as of March 2014 from junior college, university, graduate school, Specialized high school, or high school completion.
Year-round hiring: Completion of junior college, university, graduate school, specialized high school, or high school.
*Please not that qualifications may vary depending on division of the company you are applying for.
Recruiting areas and qaulifications Sales division: Completion of university or graduate school.
Technology and design division: Completion of science university, science graduate school, or specialized high school.
Machine manufacturing and service division: Completion of specialized high school or high school.
Offices and management: Completion of junior college, university, or graduate school.
Region of employment Yamagata, Tochigi, Thailand *Region of employment is decided with prior consultation
Base monthly salary Base monthly salary
New graduate* University, graduate school: over ¥200,000
High school graduate: Over ¥160,000
For year-round applications salary is adjusted according to age, experience, and skill level.
Allowances Transportation fees, housing for distance hardship employees
Raises and bonuses Raise: Once a year in April
Bonus: Once a year in December
*Bonus will vary according to company profits
Work hours 8:30 to 17:30 *work hours may vary according to division
Vacation Over 115 days/ year
Sundays, holidays, Saturdays (Monday on occasion)
Golden Week, Summer, New Year
Paid vacation days
Welfare and insurance Health insurance
Welfare pension
Employment insurance
Worker`s accident insurance
Old age insurance
Cancer insurance
401K pension
Specific retirement allowance mutal aid
Employees stock ownership plan

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